What is EMS technology?

The letters E, M and S stand for Electronic Muscle Stimulation. This technology effectively produces the same effect that occurs when our bodies move a certain group of muscles. The brain sends a signal in the form of an electromagnetic pulse which travels through nerves until it reaches the muscle, which then contracts. The Reflyx is designed to produce this excitation directly in the motor nerve via controlled, efficient and safe electrical pulses. The process is so simple and so natural that a muscle cannot tell the difference between a voluntary contraction and one that’s induced using electronic pulses. The results are identical.
There are different working levels and frequencies in EMS, depending on your final objective, which include hypertrophy, resistance and muscular strength. The Reflyx uses the TENS method (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), which diminishes pain and fatigue on the treated area. TENS consists of high-frequency, low amplitude transcutaneous electrical pulses, ranging between 60Hz and 110Hz and 60-150ms of time. These parameters manage to increase the blood flow of the area, which improves cicatrisation of muscle walls, reducing pain and accelerating recovery.

Within EEM we can find different frequencies and work rates, depending on which is our final objective: to increase muscle tone, to improve resistance or strength, to relax or soften pain or fatigue, amongst others. We’ve designed both lines of product which focus on two clear objectives: On one hand we have the Zen range, destined for muscular relaxation and for the reduction of muscle-ache derived from everyday stress, while the Tech range focuses on increased muscle toning and complementing voluntary workouts, helpfully accelerating results.


The Reflyx Zen uses the TENS method (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), which achieves an ‘analgesic’ effect on the treated area, thanks to an elevated blood flow which brings nutrients necessary for repairing muscle tissue and creating new capillaries. This analgesic effect will help to reduce pain and will accelerate your recovery after a straining workout.

Within TENS we have three modalities:

  • Conventional TENS: High frequency (60-110Hz) but with low intensities. The stimulus lasts between 60 to 100µs (microseconds).
  • Acupuncture TENS: Low frequency (1-4Hz) but with high intensities. The stimulus lasts between 200 and 300µs (microseconds).
  • Burst TENS or Wave Trains: Low frequency (1-5Hz) with bursts with an internal frequency of 100 Hz. The stimulus lasts between 150 and 250µs (microseconds).

Each Reflyx Zen programme uses a different type of TENS, depending on what we want to achieve. Likewise, the different scenarios combine TENS modalities to offer sensations associated with each setting.


Reflyx Tech involves a complete change of objectives, frequencies and intensities. The main objective is to tone muscle groups in order to reach a myogenic tone, a partial state in which muscle fibres remain active, so even while resting, our nervous system maintains certain tension in the muscles. The brain ‘develops’ this as a safety measure, for if the body were to become accustomed to performing these types of strains regularly, it would also have to be ready to produce these motions rapidly. This gives our muscles a more toned and defined appearance.

The working parameters of the Reflyx Tech can be found between low frequency TENS programmes (1-10Hz) and high frequency programmes (40-120Hz), meant for increasing maximum strength and muscular resistance.

It has been scientifically proven that a working frequency of 20Hz can maintain muscle tension for longer periods, delaying the appearance of muscle fatigue. Higher frequencies will fatigue the muscle quickly and the final results are less noticeable.

Un poco de historia sobre la EEM

electroLa Electroestimulación Muscular (EEM) nació en la década de los 60 de la mano de la Agencia Aeroespacial Rusa, como un método para mantener el tono y mejorar las capacidades musculares de los astronautas rusos, evitando de este modo la amiotrofia muscular que sufrían debido a los largos periodos en el espacio. Años más tarde, los atletas rusos se beneficiaron de los avances conseguidos en esta tecnología a la hora de entrenar y recuperarse rápidamente.

En la actualidad la utilización de la EEM está plenamente instaurada en los centros de fisioterapia y medicina deportiva de todo el mundo. Unos de los grandes avances ha sido la reducción progresiva del tamaño de los dispositivos, hasta llegar al momento actual, en el que Reflyx revoluciona el mercado ofreciendo un dispositivo de tamaño muy reducido con unas excelentes prestaciones. Sin esperas, sin cables, sin dolor, con Reflyx.

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