How do I link the device?

Access the ‘Device’ tab and press ‘Add Device’. Then, your Reflyx should appear onscreen, detected via BT. You can then link the device by pressing the “√” which appears on the upper right side. By pressing ‘Relax’, you’ll return to the main page where you’ll be able to select how you wish to start you massage session.

How do I unlink the device?

In the ‘Device’ tab, swipe your finger left across the name and a menu will appear with a ‘Delete’ option.

How do I turn off the device through my phone?

In the ‘Device’ tab, swipe your finger across the name, to the right, and a ‘Turn Off’ option will appear. You’ll know your Reflyx is disconnected once the blue indicator light has turned off.

How do I configure the selected programme?

You can choose the duration of the massage by sliding the small button a few minutes around the circle. You can also control the massage intensity through the ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons, which are found just below. Don’t forget that you can use your own music and select your favourite tracks.

To return to the custom massage page from the homepage, just press the upper right icon.

How do I create a custom massage programme?

Press the ‘+’ which appears on the homepage. After choosing an image, the name of the massage, the action, the music and other functions, press ‘Save’ and you’ll automatically return to the homepage. You can now press the image to start your custom massage.

How do I reprogram the duration, intensity and music of the selected mode?

1) For a default massage programme: Press ‘+’ and ‘-’ to directly adjust the massage intensity; press the name of a song to change music and press the pause button to reset the timer. Simply drag the icon around the circle.

2) For a custom massage programme: Press ‘Pause’ and using the ‘Edit’ button found at the right top corner you can change it to your preference.

About the self-adhesive electrodes

The self-adhesive electrodes used on the Reflyx are made of a silver needle fabric and hydrogel technology, which exhibit almost no resistance. This technology assures a massage intensity in such a way that it starts out smoothly and distributes it evenly. Our self-adhesive electrodes are made of a thin and soft material and they can be placed in any position you choose. It’s comfortable, safe, doesn’t cause itchiness and can be washed. It’s anti-allergenic, sweat resistant and doesn’t change colour, making it appropriate for any skin type. Under normal conditions, a pair of self-adhesive electrodes can last up to 50 uses. During this time frame you can wash them out between every use and they should be completely dry before using them again. Remember that you have to separate them from the device before washing them. The moment the viscosity has worn out excessively, there is a possibility that it could cause itchiness on the skin. This means you should replace the self-adhesive electrode.

Operating multiple devices

1) Adding different devices: a smartphone can control up to four Reflyx devices at once. Go to the ‘Device’ section and tap on “Add device”. Make sure the BT recognises your other device and then it’s ready to be added.

2) Setting up multiple devices: : With the relax program every device will perform the same massage. With the personalised program, each device will perform a different massage, meaning every single Reflyx you have configured will be able to perform a different massage. To do so, after having added all of the devices, go back to the “Relax” section and tap over “+” to determine each of their massage settings.

What should I do if the message “Device disconnected” appears?

It is possible that the device has less than 10% battery. You should charge it.

Why is the App working but I can’t feel the massage movement?

It is possible that the device has less than 10% battery. You should charge it.

What should I do if the device shuts off and won’t turn back on again?

This is very unlikely to happen. However, if you found yourself in that situation it is as easy as pressing the reset button with a needle. The device will return to its default settings and will work correctly.

I suddenly feel itchy during a massage. What’s happening?

Each and every person has a different constitution, sensibility and mental state, meaning it will not produce the same sensation to two different users. If you feel your skin itching, turn the device off immediately and try again later. If you wish to continue with the massage, you’ll have to change the position of the electrodes until you don’t feel any more itching. If it’s not viscous enough and you still feel it itch, it’s time to change the self-adhesive electrodes.

How can I delete a personalised relax program?

To delete a personalised relax program just press and hold the program icon for two seconds, it will then start to wiggle. A button will appear on the upper left side corner to delete it. If you made a mistake and you did not wish to delete it, just press anywhere else on the screen.

How can I delete the music I’ve already downloaded?

You can find the music you’d like to delete at the local music playlist at the relax program music page. Slide left to find the delete button and then press it in order to delete the music. (Android Applicable)

Which are the best areas to place the device?

The best areas are the shoulders and your back. Then the arms and legs. You should never use it on your head, neck, chest nor the abdomen.

Who shouldn’t use Reflyx?

Kids, pregnant ladies and persons suffering from any heart condition.

Where shouldn’t I use Reflyx?

For safety reasons, it is important that you don’t use it neither on your head, neck, chest or abdomen.

The Reflyx has been manufactured under the strictest quality controls, caring for each detail in production process. We’re ROHS and CE certified, which assures that we comply with all environmental care and quality parameters necessary to distribute the Reflyx throughout Europe. We’re also NQA. and ILAC certified, international laboratory accrediting organizations for the fulfilment of quality control. Your safety and wellbeing are our maximum priority.


Pregnant women, children and people who suffer from heart disease.

Please, DO NOT USE and/or STORE the device in:

  • Direct sunlight.
  • Flammable areas.
  • Electromagnetic environments.
  • Dusty areas.
  • Hot and humid places.
  • Do not use Reflyx during an intense workout.
  • Keep your skin clean and dry while using it.
  • Make sure you don’t have any cuts or injuries in the area where it’s going to be used.

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