Frequently Asked Questions

Can it be used every day?

Yes, it can be used daily. However, only use once per day on a certain area. Refrain from using more than once in the same area as doing so may result in muscle fatigue. Also, if you feel something unusual with your skin or body, stop use immediately and consult your doctor.

Can I use it in the bathroom?

This product is not waterproof; refrain from using it in the bathroom as doing so may result in an accident, injury, damage or the product getting dirty.

At what level should I set it?

Use a weak level when using it for the first time. Once you are used to a weak level, adjust the level as desired.

Is it OK to apply lotion or body cream before use?

Doing so will reduce the adhesion of the gel pads and it may also weaken the strength of the stimulation. Therefore we recommend no putting anything on your skin before use.

Is it OK to use the product during pregnancy or immediately after childbirth?

No, do not use this product at such times. Women who have just given birth or who are nursing should consult their doctor.

What part of the body and under which circumstances should it not used?

Do not use this product on or around the neck (head, face, etc.), spine, chest, shoulder blades or any other areas around the heart. In addition, please do not use this product if you suffer from heart disease. For more details, please refer to P.2, Safety Precautions.

Is it safe to use this product while sleeping?

Do not use this product while sleeping.

Will my muscles get sore from using this product?

Just as with any kind of training, your muscles may get sore. If your muscles are sore, refrain from using the product or lower the level.

When should I replace the gel pad?
Why do I feel that the training intensity is weaker than before?

After using the product for a period of time, you’ll find that the intensity is too weak or you may even feel nothing when switching on the power. If so, please change the battery immediately.

Why has the exercise suddenly been interrupted?

If the power automatically turns off during the exercise (and the exercise time is not over), please recharge the product immediately.

Why does the intensity feel weaker after some time has passed?

The body gradually adapts to the stimulation over a certain period of time, so you’ll feel that it’s not as strong as it used to be, even though the intensity is the same as before. This is normal, simply increase the level.

Why does the intensity of the Tech S2 feel stronger when using it on its own than when using the Tech S6 and Tech S2 at the same time?

This is due to the fact that the Tech S2 and the Tech S6 cover a larger surface area, and the current output is dispersed across a larger surface. The stimulation will feel weaker, so simply adjust the level as required.

Reflyx ha sido fabricado bajo los más estrictos controles de calidad, cuidando cada detalle de su proceso de producción. Nos avalan las certificaciones ROHS y CE que aseguran el cumplimiento de todas las normas de cuidado medioambiental y los parámetros de calidad para distribuir Reflyx en la Unión Europea. Tu seguridad y bienestar son las máximas prioridades para nosotros.


Reflyx no tiene como propósito sustituir el entrenamiento voluntario y una dieta equlibrada.


Mujeres embarazadas, niños y personas con enfermedades cardíacas o con lesiones en la zona de aplicación.

Por favor, NO UTILICE y/o GUARDE el dispositivo en:

  • Luz directa del Sol.
  • Áreas inflamables.
  • Entornos electromagnéticos.
  • Áreas polvorientas.
  • Lugares cálidos y húmedos.
  • No realice ejercicio intenso durante una sesión de Reflyx.
  • Mantenga la piel limpia y seca durante el uso.
  • Asegúrese de que no tenga ningún corte o herida en la zona de uso

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