After-Sales Service

In order to accept a return, the following will be taken into account:

– The product must be returned in the same conditions in which it was acquired. In the event that it isn’t returned with its original packaging or if it is found to be in bad condition, the product could suffer depreciation, which will be valued by the Reflyx After-Sales team.

– Both the collection of the product and its corresponding return will be handled by Reflyx through our courier service. The material must be placed into a single package and the collection and shipping costs will be covered by Reflyx.


Types of return


For breakage during shipment

– In the event that a product is broken during transport, we advise that the client notify us in the least time possible, preferably within 48 hours of delivery through the After-Sales department.

If you notice any imperfections on the packaging of the product, we recommend making a note on the delivery note of the courier, so as to record the incident (this makes it easier to later make a subsequent claim).
In order to process a return by courier, follow these steps:

1 – Send an email to: com with photographs showing the imperfections of the material, packaging and the couriers label which clearly show any imperfections, knocks or breakages (essential for the claim to be accepted by the courier).

2 – Reflyx will manage the claim and will keep the client informed at all times.


For product delivery failure

– In order to claim for not receiving a product, the client will have a 24 hour period from the time of delivery via our “Customer Service form”.

– In the event that the delivered product does not correspond with what a client has ordered, REFLYX will cover the costs of both the return of the item and the shipment of the correct replacement.


Standard process (Purchase renouncement)

– The return of products acquired through is accepted, as long as 14 days haven’t passed since the delivery of the product and as long as the product is found in good condition (the merchandise must include all accessories). It must be presented in perfect condition, with no signs of dirt, odors or evidence of mistreatment or provoked damages.

– The client will cover the return delivery costs (each package below 10Kg is £ 12.95, VAT not incl., approximately). Once the product is received, REFLYX will proceed with the refund of the order, or the creation of a voucher for a future purchase, deducting the return costs.

– In the event that a client has used the electrodes, they will be charged a surcharge (£ 9.95).


For the defect of a product

If the received product shows signs of defects or deficiencies, , REFLYX will follow the following procedure to change the product:

– The client must contact REFLYX to set a collection for the product through our courier service.

– Once received in our facilities, REFLYX will inspect the products condition before proceeding to the exchange.

– In the event that the product truly has malfunctioned, REFLYX will proceed with the exchange and will cover the costs of both the shipment to us and its subsequent return. The cost of the material used to ship the product will not be covered.

– However, if the product is found to be in perfect condition, then the client will cover the costs for the collection and its return.


Dear customer, we recommend that before processing a return, first make sure to perform the pertinent tests to verify that the product really doesn’t function, for if upon reception the product works correctly and the reason for the return was because of a lack of knowledge on how to use the product, the customer will assume all shipping costs, both outgoing and returning.

  If any technical support is needed, you can contact us through our customer service form.


Procedure for managing a return


In order to manage a return, the client must follow these steps:

1 – Fill out the After-Sales form.

2 – Once the form is received, the After-Sales department will review the case and will send a reply to the client.

3 – If the return is accepted, the collection will have to be set with the After-Sales department, who will indicate a date for the collection. The product must be perfectly packaged and inside place the return form. The collection of the product will be covered by REFLYX until the packages contents and their condition is verified.

4 – Once the return or exchange is received, and the merchandise is found in perfect condition,  Reflyx will have 7 working days to proceed with the shipment of another unit; or the refund of the corresponding amount, within a maximum period of 14 days since delivery.

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